As of today, I’ve had more spam comments than page views.

16 07 2007

I wonder if that’s changeable.  I’d like to choose a reasonable target date to have tripled my page views, and I’d like to make that choice by the time my page views are 1/3 of 10,000.  Along the way I might find out if the page views/spam comments ratio conforms to some variant of Zeno’s paradox.   Speaking of variants––I pondered this morning an equation for the infocalypse, derived from Moore’s Law  and including some constants to represent the accelerating construction of mega-server-farms, the electrical charge of the Earth as a whole, and some other fudge factors, towards the end point when all those flipping bits on micro-micro-micro chips cause the poles to flip or some other macro-disaster.

As a tangent off that tangent, I’m loving the little red lines that show firefox 2.0’s dynamic spell checking, but I’m ticked to see the google search box changed so it doesn’t show numbers of results for suggested searches.  There may be a preferences panel for that somewhere…




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18 07 2007
Patrick Havens

I suggest installing Bad Behavior so that they get blocked before ever posting. Added to Akismet it makes life dealable.

I stopped by your blog to try and learn a little about you for my writeup.

19 07 2007

I think my url is still set to cloaking, but I’m not running this blog on a server; it’s just another blog. I get what they give me. But Akismet works great; the occasional comment that slips through is no trouble to moderate. The spam comments count I referred to is from Akismet’s self report on the Dashboard.

12 09 2008

After about half a year lying fallow (except for the automated churn of the flickr feed), I’ve had about 5000 page views and 20,000 spam comments. My gut says I’ll never catch up. But I’ll set myself a goal, anyhow, of another 5000 page views before I arrive at 30,000 spam comments.

We’ll see.

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