9th Neuroesthetics Conference Study Questions and Thought Experiments

12 01 2010

1. What’s your favorite metaphor for time? A river flowing? A road being traveled?

2. Can time be experienced without resorting to units of measurement?

3. Time is often discussed using measurements of distance; long versus short.  What might “a wide time,” or “a narrow time” mean?

4. What are the physical properties of time?

5. What aspects of time are independent of the instrument of measurement?

6. How does your emotional state influence your perception of time?

7. When you lose track of time, is it a matter of inattention, or hyper-focus?

8. What experiences make you most keenly aware of time?  Deadlines?  Waiting?  Sunset?

9. How does your awareness of time affect your emotional state?

10. What are the evolutionary advantages of time-sensitivity?

11. Hypothesize conditions that might give rise to time-sensing organs.

12. What other species measure time in the ways that we do?

13. Describe the qualities of the time referred to in “comedic timing.”

14. Compare and contrast that kind of timing to the kind of time referred to in the phrase, “a good idea is always timely.”

15. How does your experience of time change when music is playing?  What kinds of music exert what effects?

16. Is awareness of time necessary for consciousness? For intelligence, or sentience?

17. Hypothesize conditions that might give rise to conscious awareness of time.

18. What are the current evolutionary conditions acting on our perceptions of time?

19. How has your time-sensitivity been shaped or influenced by your upbringing, life experience, and cultural exposure?

20. What is the relationship between time-sensitivity and cognitive, mental, or learning disorders such as ADHD, and dyslexia?

21. What is your favorite novel, movie, play or other narrative about time travel?

22. What is your favorite way to pass the time?

23. Which of these questions was worth your time to read?




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