Holiday Season Study Questions and Thought Experiments

24 11 2010

Here’s a wide ranging exploration of the thoughts and feelings that lie behind these days of cheer and churning.  For those who prefer a more structured reflection/resolution process, you might avail yourself of the THE HOLIDAY ENDGAME WORKSHEET, based on a workshop I attended last year at Studio Naga in Oakland.

Either way, good days and good meals and good fellowship to you all!

  1. I dread the holiday season because:
  2. I can’t wait for the holiday season because:
  3. I get anxious around the holidays because:
  4. I get giddy around the holidays because:
  5. Of all the holidays, the one that means the most to me is:
  6. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and all the others, the one that really bothers me is:
  7. One holiday tradition I’ve always admired is:
  8. The one item of food I can’t get enough of is:
  9. Every holiday season I have the same fight with my _________.  Here’s how it happens:
  10. When I am at my most cynical, depressed, and unenthusiastic about the holidays, I can be turned around completely by _____________
  11. One thing that I always think will be different this year, but somehow comes out the same, is:
  12. Around the holidays I always hear people complain about _________, but I have a hard time sympathizing because:
  13. During the holidays, the one feeling I get that it seems like no one else understands is:
  14. If I could invent one new tradition and have everyone immediately adopt it, it would be:
  15. If I never see another holiday with __________, it will be too soon.
  16. One thing I’ve never done before, but I will this holiday season:
  17. One thing I’ve always done, but I won’t be able to this holiday season:
  18. No matter how much I’m enjoying the holidays, my happiness goes right out the window when:
  19. My favorite person to spend holiday time with is:
  20. I know I make a difference for ___________ when I _____________ during the holidays.
  21. It never fails: I tell myself this year will be the last time I _____________; and then I end up doing it again because __________.
  22. If  I’m brutally honest, the one thing I have a hard time admitting about the holidays is:
  23. Even if everything else goes wrong, the one thing I’m grateful for each holiday season is:



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