A Bracket of Warriors

14 06 2012
Warriors I’ve known and loved through fiction that I’ve read, in rough order of my encounters with them.  I started out pondering a face off between Angus Thermopylae, John Rico, Jane Sagan, and Takashi Kovacs, and continued adding to the list.  As a result, Arthur Dent shows up later than he ought, because he wasn’t really a competitive hero until the 5th Hitchhiker book.  I stuck with one character per author, so notable heavies like Max the Silent and Manuel Garcia O’Kelly-Davis didn’t make the cut.  Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro were on the bubble, but they’re just outclassed.  Nearly everyone else on the list has access to or experience with ballistic weaponry, and they just can’t compete.
  1. Sassinak (Anne McCaffery)
  2. John Clark (Tom Clancy)
  3. Cowboy Feng (Steven Brust)
  4. Angus Thermopylae (Stephen R. Donaldson)
  5. Alexand deWolf (M.K. Wren)
  6. Molly Millions (William Gibson)
  7. Jinnian Footseer (Sherri S. Tepper)
  8. Shimon Bar El (Joel Rosenberg)
  9. Arthur Dent (Douglas Adams)
  10. Merlyn (Roger Zelazny)
  11. Nell (Neil Stephenson)
  12. Burke (Andrew Vachss)
  13. Sargent Vimes (Terry Pratchett)
  14. Folio Johnson (Walter Mosley)
  15. Shadow (Neil Gaiman)
  16. Crane (Tim Powers)
  17. Bean Delphikian (Orson Scott Card)
  18. Takashi Kovacs (Richard K. Morgan)
  19. Alan (Cory Doctorow)
  20. Jane Sagan (John Scalzi)
  21. Svetlana Gorodetskaya (Sergey Lukyanenko)
  22. Rachel Morgan (Kim Harrison)
  23. Juan Rico (Robert Heinlein)

Some interesting but possibly trivial analysis:

Right now the list includes 1/3 magic users, 1/3 space warriors of various kinds, 1/12 “real world” humans, 1/3 women, 1/8 people of color (I think), 1/5 not-strictly-human-born…  An interesting mix.  Of the authors, 1/4 are women, 1 is a person of color, 1/8 are British, 1/23 wrote in a language other than English, and 1/23 has more or less gone off the deep end of homophobic, islamophobic paranoia.  Also 1/8 are deceased, I think.







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