Ceci n’est pas une menace

25 06 2012

1. When you wave your middle finger in my face like that, I think about the sharpies in my car.

2. If you don’t answer the phone, we won’t send the note.

3. If you choose to direct the thieves to my doorstep, I will become your enemy.

4. Answering that question will take us on a long tangent away from the topic.

5. I need to talk with you before class or at break but it must be before class.

6. Let’s definitely not talk about that issue.  “What issue?” Right, yes, thanks.

7. If you don’t call us by Wednesday to tell us what to do, we’re going to call you to tell you to do that.

8. I’ll say more than just probably once you’ve gone to the stationery store.

9. Let’s see when she’s available and how many of us care enough to meet at one time.

10. If you don’t keep asking questions, I won’t keep everyone here.

11. If you want to question the score, I will take away one point.

12. If you don’t pay what you’ve already paid, we’re going to tell people you haven’t paid.

13. We’ve lost every step of the way through the extended political process so now we won’t leave until he capitulates and quits.

14. You can keep talking shit about me shit talking but it doesn’t make my talk into shit, it just makes you a shit, talking.

15. You should probably keep that thing pointed in a different direction I think.

16. If you keep your fingers light it will grow into the grip.

17. Don’t do me any favors.

18. You can do me favors if you want to but not because you feel like you have to.

19. No one’s gonna play if you keep knocking them out like that.

20. If you want this stack I will play you for yours and see what happens.

21. I know plenty about him and I ain’t telling you shit about it because I paid cash for every single thing I’ve learned.

22. I guessed because when I asked why both answers weren’t correct you told me I had to pick one, not because I actually thought that one was better.

23. Of course they all complain about us, because it would be rude for any of the ones who are actually happy with us to talk about how lucky they are.




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