Things I definitely won’t do this weekend

20 11 2015
  1. Re-pot the philodendrons that have grown so thoroughly back after surviving the pre-divorce tumult.
  2. Shellac and otherwise decorate the bamboo staves for the skybox project.
  3. Take photos of myself in the various costumes from Matthew Briar’s Resurrection Apocalypse.
  4. Get the boxes of CDs out of storage and start sorting them.
  5. Go through all my old boxes of papers and notebooks and all.
  6. Dispense advice and sorcery on the street.
  7. Produce my own personal Tarot.
  8. Deal with the sugar skulls.
  9. Hang the pot hanger.
  10. Build the milk carton bed frame.
  11. As much laundry as I could.
  12. Drive people around the city for money.
  13. Run the Inverted Library.
  14. Babysit.
  15. Sketch people at an orgy.
  16. Swim.
  17. Decorate my bicycle as a dragon.
  18. Work on the stained glass stars.
  19. Hang new paintings.
  20. Create the headologist signs.
  21. Be satisfied.
  22. Be slothful.
  23. Be solitary.




One response

8 04 2016

When I showed this to my 9-year-old son, he laughed and said, “That’s a little scary and freaky.” He’s not a fan of Valentine’s day either. Click

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