A quest between twilight and the horizon

30 04 2011

photos to come later

I Came in with ladies & went out with cowboys
Intended to straddle but lost track of the seats
Tried bluffing to bullets which ought to have killed me
Caught four runners straight to the very last street Read the rest of this entry »


A Picnic for Patriots

7 03 2011

Honey bees gonna die
Waters gonna rise
Roads gonna crack in the sun
Policemen all gonna cry
Reporters gonna burn their obits
Every warden gonna shit, and quit
And join the accountants as they eat their guns
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I would not ask him why

15 07 2010

I saw today the man
Who stops sometimes to stand
And stare up at the sky
He looked me in the eye
He did not nod or pause
We went our separate ways
I looked back; there he was
I could not track his gaze.

shadow and dirt

Early, Early, Saturday

1 05 2010

Early, early, Saturday
My baby left me, gone away


I poured her coffee, stirred her oats
Watched her pack a change of clothes
Watched her tie her shoes on tight
Watched her leave; like the money on the table last night. Read the rest of this entry »

The Malingerer’s Plea Bargain

27 04 2010

Drop me in the water
Throw me in the hole
Lock me in the larder
But let me pay the toll


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