Epic Comic Book Runs that I will read someday

15 12 2008

Preferably in tandem with a comic-book-club, at least the first several…

1. Cerebus #1-300, plus the collected letters and Following Cerebus Magazine
2. Sandman #1-75, The Dreaming #1-60(?), Various mini-series, Lucifer #1-75(?), Books of Magic #1-75, and more… this could really be a list unto itself…
3. Akira
4. 100 Bullets #1-100
5. Promethea #1-32 (Awfully short but very dense… And probably with From Hell, Tom Strong, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the Supreme trades, and several reference texts nearby)
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Handguns, headshots, and hydras

23 08 2007

A thin week here, I’ve got Countdown #39 with Karate Kid smashing Oracle’s screen, Welcome to Tranquility # 9 with some fella pointing a six-shooter with his boots up on a desk, and Snake Woman V.2 #2, with the Snake Lady herself looking mean and hungry. Read the rest of this entry »

Mean faces in strange places…

23 08 2007

In a stack of comics not quite a month old, I’ve got Bob the Monitor glowering in the Microverse on the cover of Countdown #40, Obadiah Horn huffing a stogie on the front of Elephantmen #010, and that blond corporate boss baring his chest under the claws of that Egyptian god on the outside of Testament #19. To round out the bunch, Wally West is back and mad as hell about something as shown on CSN #1049. From the highway sign behind him, he’s on the way out of LA, and what could he be unhappy about that? Read the rest of this entry »

Falling, flailing, final moments

20 08 2007

Meltzger ends his run on Justice League of America with #11, Piper and Trickster hurtle from an airplane on the cover of Countdown #41, Amazons on winged horses hurdle an airplane doing its own hurtling on Amazons Attack #4, and Oracle wrestles with Spy-Smasher on Birds of Prey #108, which I never thought I’d buy new again. CSN #1048 and another damn Marvel sheet are here as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Probably 2/7 Rotten

11 07 2007

In another slim stack (which I kept that way by passing over the new True Story trade and the Batman City of Crime collection, both for later, and the Heavy Metal summer special after a flip through and the Martha Washington story because I can wait), I’ve got Fables #63, Countdown #42, Y the Last Man #57, and CSN #1047. One of these is very likely to disappoint… Read the rest of this entry »

An admirable few

10 07 2007

In a bag I’m proud to have kept so thin, I’ve got Countdown #43, Welcome to Tranquility #8, and Following Cerebus #10, which of course I’ll barely skim to avoid any spoilers for Cerebus itself, which I’ve yet to finish. Read the rest of this entry »

Old monsters dressed in yellow

10 07 2007

In a thin stack, I’ve got Countdown #44 with my old fave Monarch, Sinestro Corps #1 with my old fave Sinestro, and Snake Woman: Tale of the Snake Charmer #1, with I assume an earlier version of the python-possess’d lady. And CSN #1045 has a yellowed Ash from the Evil Dead series, about to face off against Marvel Zombies, I think. Read the rest of this entry »