A Bracket of Warriors

14 06 2012
Warriors I’ve known and loved through fiction that I’ve read, in rough order of my encounters with them.  I started out pondering a face off between Angus Thermopylae, John Rico, Jane Sagan, and Takashi Kovacs, and continued adding to the list.  As a result, Arthur Dent shows up later than he ought, because he wasn’t really a competitive hero until the 5th Hitchhiker book.  I stuck with one character per author, so notable heavies like Max the Silent and Manuel Garcia O’Kelly-Davis didn’t make the cut.  Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro were on the bubble, but they’re just outclassed.  Nearly everyone else on the list has access to or experience with ballistic weaponry, and they just can’t compete.
  1. Sassinak (Anne McCaffery)
  2. John Clark (Tom Clancy)
  3. Cowboy Feng (Steven Brust)
  4. Angus Thermopylae (Stephen R. Donaldson)
  5. Alexand deWolf (M.K. Wren) Read the rest of this entry »

Recommended Reading List

13 09 2011

Seeking a light satirical novel about liberal arts academia, particularly one set at a women’s college; something like Neal Stephenson’s “The Big U,” but not quite so dense with words…

1. Commencement

2. Changing Places

3. Thinks

4. Prep

5. Stoner Read the rest of this entry »

Epiphany at the precarious epitome

2 03 2011

From “The Monkeys You Ordered,” a delightful spin on New Yorker Cartoons:New Yorker Literal Caption Contest #2

1. “Be sure to turn left when you walk in the door or we will all die.”

2. “The price is low because the house is built on the edge of a cliff.”

3. “You can’t beat the view but there are serious problems with the foundation.”

4. “You should not buy this house.”

5. “I expect this house to move very fast, any day now.”
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Avatar is as vile and meretricious as Birth of a Nation

3 01 2010

Brief notes for a more articulate analysis that I may never write:

1. The coffee mug in the cockpit

2. Teradactyl Rape

3. Scientists versus soldiers

4. Soldiers as monsters

5. Unobtainium

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A Misplaced List of Substitutions

20 10 2009

Last year all the food kitchens were overbooked with volunteers for Thanksgiving, so instead I thought we might:

1. Ride BART out to the end and back
2. Call all of our friends
3. Invent new facebook/myspace awesomeness and distribute to same
4. Respond to all the craigslist CE ads with encouragement
5. Dress up like Clowns and make balloon animals at the airport Read the rest of this entry »

Founded by wanderers

10 10 2009

Notes for an upcoming endeavor:

There will be unpavers and stitchers, both of whom are in opposition to the puppeteer, but have more in common with him than with any of the eschatologists. 
All the pretty puddingsThey're a very polite gang.Image005.jpg*
Shakers and Diggers and bloggers and grinders may all be mentioned, by and by.  Daniel Quinn’s Takers and Leavers come to mind, but I’ll have to re-read the source text.

In consumptive news (as opposed to the above productive preview): Read the rest of this entry »

Digital Killed the Mixtape Star

1 07 2009

We’re all quite old, aren’t we?

That “we,” of course, means those of you who, along with me, experienced the mixtape as something other than a piece of dialog in a Tarantino film, and remember when $200 got you a thing you could hold in your hand that played music, as opposed to a thing that plays music and makes phonecalls and writes short or long letters to your friends and colleagues and is also a rolodex and a compass and a chronograph and a camera and a candle.

Today, we can buy any app we need to feel young (at heart, in mind, of body…)

Long Live CassettesLa próxima víctima del verano.Dubbed tapes

But the artifacts of our youth are barely recognizable to the people
Who today comprise the ranks of the actually young

They don’t love the weight and the warble
They resent the heft and the hiss
And they don’t understand how the choices work.

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