Dear Whomever Viewed this Blog in Search of Wall Ball Rules,

18 07 2006

Leave me a comment with your email and I will happily tell you everything I know,

And possibly mail you a 4-square ball besides.

You just made my day.


Wall Ball Players and other Roustabouts, Welcome

27 03 2006

And let me say,

I apologize.

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15 03 2005

Monday Night Session 2:

I live in a safe neighborhood in a safe town,
safe for some things, more than you'd think,
but not safe for everything, no.

Some of it is about what you do and where,
and how you act when you do it,
and going out on my own on a Monday night
in bright orange and blue to bounce a big rubber ball
against the wall of the highway while 100 or so cars
drive by…well it's a matter of playing the odds.

I don't know the numbers but I'm sure at least one of the cars that drove by had a gun in it.
And I'm sure at least one of the cars that drove by had a person in it who has beaten strangers up for fun.
That person and that gun might not have been in the same car.
They might also have been in different cars from the old detroit models
filled with four or five young kids wearing jackets and hats
slouching low in their seats. The thing about odds and numbers is
you can't tell which one is yours or what it is, until the number comes up.

The ball was a little flat, but workable, and turned out great both for practicing with my left hand and using my feet–I managed to get about five in a row with just my right foot. Music has been introduced, but better selection will be necessary–the Fantasticks is not good WallBall music after all.

I got a lot of puzzled looks from drivers when I waved the ball (politely! politely!) in their direction, inviting them to play. One person yelled back, and one skinny short white lady with close cut black hair in a pick-up truck looked like she was interested but maybe next time. No cops either–that'll be an interesting one when it happens. There were 2 or 3 times when a detroit model came fast around the corner and then slowed as they passed me, while I was crouched down fiddling with the tape deck, which were really very scary: "I can't do anything about this, maybe it's just my own prejudices or stereotypes that are scaring me, or maybe one of them is going to point a gun out or hurl a bottle at my head, nothing to do but keep fast forwarding through MJ's 'You are not alone.'"

More of you should come out and help me play the numbers.

Good job using your swears, junior

14 03 2005

Friendster is stupid and I don't mind saying so and thus ensuring I will never be one of their featured blogs but Friendster is stupid so who cares and why am I even putting this here?
We should all be on tribes but we're not but that's a different story maybe I'll post about it.

This story is about Wall Ball SF which began tonight or maybe this afternoon when I saw two kids playing wall ball with a cheap shiny soccer ball on Mission between 21 and 22 against a three foot by two foot gray wall with a toddler in a stroller resting way way too close. Those kids were fucking brilliant in the brittish sense, I don't know if they were smart or dumb because I just played the white tourist and took some photos which really bothered the guy in the suit who was watching the produce in front of the store next to the little patch of wall the kids were using. I guess they must be smart to see that little patch of wall and see a wall ball wall.

Peter and I saw a big gray wall with interesting sidewalk slopes and probably an office upstairs and it's Giggler's Wall and it is great and will be the spot for some very spot on games oh yes. But it's on Shotwell I think, with no real foot traffic to speak of, so we need to find a public wall at which we can draw a crowd which can be moved to Giggler's Wall when the team is ready and the moment is right.

There was only a short game, and my game was not on, not at all, and I mostly blame all the stuff in my pockets, but there was good noodles and prawns with unexpected dark sauce and a person who is too nice for empathy but great for eye candy across the table; also talk of shitting in sinks for revenge; figuring out how not to show the plumber's crack; vegas new york rotchester and there are very few places with one syllable names that you actually want to spend lots of time in; we will not respond to statements that are not made from complete sentences because we are too you know we're not we're having trouble with I keep talking in sentence fragments and I'm sick of it; and how I had a moment that was both empowering and deflating when I was on the BART train and got up to look at the map to figure out my stop and I didn't really think I needed to hold on to any seat handles or the poles to brace myself I just spread my feet and in a very minimal way surfed the floor and didn't worry at all because I've done it before and there was no one else standing or for that matter sitting near enough for me to crash into and as I did this I thought of the girl I had just seen who tried to do the same thing and was pushed gently back into her seat by her mother which is what my parents did to me when I was a kid because you might fall and I saw another kid standing up but jerking around a little while holding tight onto his father's shoulder and I thought of how that kid might try to stand alone and be told "don't you might fall" and he might say "fuck you dad, look at that guy there!" And his dad might look over and say, "Good job using your swears, junior." I thought of how, okay, maybe I won't ever run a school district or write a best selling novel or see a clear and measurable change for the better in the world that was a direct result of my actions but I can be someone who lives a contained life and stands up on his own on the BART train for anybody to see, and in that moment that felt like a very great deal to be satisfied with.

Empowering then, deflating later…maybe you want to pray about it?


8 03 2005

Monday Night Wall Ball Pick-up Game #1.

There was a useful cone and too much sushi,
And some very good play.
Only one close call with a car,
But that could change with a larger group.
The parking lot wall works pretty well too,
And the little doorstop type things
You know, the ones that keep you from crashing your car into the wall,
The little concrete doorstop things,
Well they promise to fuck up somebody's hand at some point,
But good.
Steamboat Pete gets the points for coming along,
And we'll be on his turf soon enough.

Also, we kicked some, and established that there's potential,
But Shaolin we're not.

Thanks to Kellen whose a better obscurantist than I'll ever be for the writing style.