Design notes for the “blogjam salon project”

17 07 2007

I may have written online about this somewhere else. Like so many ideas in my head, like the camera in the shape of a gun and the uber-realistic streetfighting video game that uses real people like the Pope and that vagrant on Lakeshore, I’d be just as happy to see some one else make this happen, just to see it live in the world.

  1. Come up with a snappier, more descriptive name
  2. Once a month, people meet at a bar with a good happy hour, quiet background music, and free (or sponsored) wifi, and at this bar they spend an evening hashing out the details for a new website (favoring blogs) that ought to exist but doesn’t. They register a url, set up a wordpress/google-page/what-have-you, produce the first 5 to 20 pages of content, email all their friends to announce the launch, and print out business cards to pass out to everyone at the bar. Read the rest of this entry »