Counting to sum

3 03 2011

1. Begin
2. Don’t finish
3. Start over
4. Get distracted
5. Forget to remember
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I have to tell you Sparks, that’s the farthest yet…

12 09 2008

A long September less than halfway gone today,

Nothing wrong except the things that always were.

I can’t remember what the last thing was I meant to say here,

It’s gone and done and gone away. Read the rest of this entry »

Plans from a couple of months ago and whether I did ’em

21 06 2007

Jewish comics panel–Maybe next wondercon? Read the rest of this entry »

Persnickety it ain’t, and loquacious neither.

3 05 2007

There’s all these things that aren’t quite what they might be nor yet what I might be able to frame well enough to acknowledge or accomodate or reject.  There’s the incident report in hand and the incident write-up I wasn’t sent and the written response to the question I infer about where I was when I wasn’t there where I shouldn’t have been expected. Read the rest of this entry »

The room is dark

14 11 2006

The lights twitch off when I don’t move or shout enough which I don’t know how I haven’t given how long it’s taken to do simple Adware and Spyware scans.  My start-up time is verging on 10 minutes which still means my laptop is quicker on the draw than I am (when no one is yelling at me) but I see no problem with a double standard.  Read the rest of this entry »

Call outs and cop outs

29 10 2006

Cops aren’t simply paid to kill people, and I haven’t called him back, and I didn’t go to LA or get the work done, and we’ve got the new guy but not all of us know it yet, and I’m on my twentieth clove of garlic this week. It’s my season for deep revision and implementation of best practices and my practice at this has not been best. Parshas to read, tables to finish, forms to file, bills to pay, screws to buy and install, boots to buy and break in. On the plus side, we rocked the costume contest last night and the night before, and she’s rocking Sonic the Hedgehog 2 even as I type.

The distressing ennui of the early morning…

18 10 2006

Crouching low by the alarm clock, considering the options of resetting, hitting snooze a forbidden third time, or just getting up, it has already become clear that I won’t get everything done today, because I hardly got much at all done yesterday, and so getting up early gets me nowhere quicker.  But then again, it does get me moving, and at least that’s going somewhere.

The tie is wrinkled but the vest hides it, the pants are dirty but the color masks it, the timing belt appears to be off but I expect the mechanics will deny it.

Just give me yesterday back and I might be able to get ready for today, in time for tomorrow.