Counting to sum

3 03 2011

1. Begin
2. Don’t finish
3. Start over
4. Get distracted
5. Forget to remember
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Avatar is as vile and meretricious as Birth of a Nation

3 01 2010

Brief notes for a more articulate analysis that I may never write:

1. The coffee mug in the cockpit

2. Teradactyl Rape

3. Scientists versus soldiers

4. Soldiers as monsters

5. Unobtainium

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Changing plans to show no change in plans

12 02 2008

I should have done as Lee (or Grant?) said and improvised from the moment I walked in the door.  Instead I stuck to the script I came up with a week ago; walk in, throw something down on the table, say “to hell with all of you,” and walk out.  But thanks to the timing of a comment about genital bacon, the unasked gifting of hand-me-downs, and the unexpected gifter, it all looked like a different kind of drama.  And I intended the lady none of that, nor any distress, and thankfully got to make it up at least part way after taking a slow amble back from around the block.  Note to self when speeding away from the scene of a little social havok-making: Read the rest of this entry »

You never want to be dealing with technicalities while you’re saying goodbye.

26 05 2007

Whether it’s sweet or harsh or cold or smouldering, you gotta just think of a wiser, smarter, more mature (and maybe more handsome) person, and what he would say and do. Then you say and do those things. And use lots of mouthwash. Read the rest of this entry »

Persnickety it ain’t, and loquacious neither.

3 05 2007

There’s all these things that aren’t quite what they might be nor yet what I might be able to frame well enough to acknowledge or accomodate or reject.  There’s the incident report in hand and the incident write-up I wasn’t sent and the written response to the question I infer about where I was when I wasn’t there where I shouldn’t have been expected. Read the rest of this entry »

Breathless every day now

19 04 2007

The highs are high and the lows are low and it’s the ride in between which makes it seem as if there’s no air, there.

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If you’re gonna have an evil cat, don’t name it “Forgiveness.”

22 03 2007

The smoothies were good.  Yeah, how was your day?  Yeah, mine was fine.  Driving home.  All of the cross streets turned to schools, and they stood on stage, purple trophies were what they gave.  You held my hand.  You asked me why I wanted to stay.  “But there’s no way to believe all the things I don’t say to you.”–Jim Infantino