Founded by wanderers

10 10 2009

Notes for an upcoming endeavor:

There will be unpavers and stitchers, both of whom are in opposition to the puppeteer, but have more in common with him than with any of the eschatologists. 
All the pretty puddingsThey're a very polite gang.Image005.jpg*
Shakers and Diggers and bloggers and grinders may all be mentioned, by and by.  Daniel Quinn’s Takers and Leavers come to mind, but I’ll have to re-read the source text.

In consumptive news (as opposed to the above productive preview): Read the rest of this entry »


Epic Comic Book Runs that I will read someday

15 12 2008

Preferably in tandem with a comic-book-club, at least the first several…

1. Cerebus #1-300, plus the collected letters and Following Cerebus Magazine
2. Sandman #1-75, The Dreaming #1-60(?), Various mini-series, Lucifer #1-75(?), Books of Magic #1-75, and more… this could really be a list unto itself…
3. Akira
4. 100 Bullets #1-100
5. Promethea #1-32 (Awfully short but very dense… And probably with From Hell, Tom Strong, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the Supreme trades, and several reference texts nearby)
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Handguns, headshots, and hydras

23 08 2007

A thin week here, I’ve got Countdown #39 with Karate Kid smashing Oracle’s screen, Welcome to Tranquility # 9 with some fella pointing a six-shooter with his boots up on a desk, and Snake Woman V.2 #2, with the Snake Lady herself looking mean and hungry. Read the rest of this entry »

Mean faces in strange places…

23 08 2007

In a stack of comics not quite a month old, I’ve got Bob the Monitor glowering in the Microverse on the cover of Countdown #40, Obadiah Horn huffing a stogie on the front of Elephantmen #010, and that blond corporate boss baring his chest under the claws of that Egyptian god on the outside of Testament #19. To round out the bunch, Wally West is back and mad as hell about something as shown on CSN #1049. From the highway sign behind him, he’s on the way out of LA, and what could he be unhappy about that? Read the rest of this entry »

Falling, flailing, final moments

20 08 2007

Meltzger ends his run on Justice League of America with #11, Piper and Trickster hurtle from an airplane on the cover of Countdown #41, Amazons on winged horses hurdle an airplane doing its own hurtling on Amazons Attack #4, and Oracle wrestles with Spy-Smasher on Birds of Prey #108, which I never thought I’d buy new again. CSN #1048 and another damn Marvel sheet are here as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Probably 2/7 Rotten

11 07 2007

In another slim stack (which I kept that way by passing over the new True Story trade and the Batman City of Crime collection, both for later, and the Heavy Metal summer special after a flip through and the Martha Washington story because I can wait), I’ve got Fables #63, Countdown #42, Y the Last Man #57, and CSN #1047. One of these is very likely to disappoint… Read the rest of this entry »

An admirable few

10 07 2007

In a bag I’m proud to have kept so thin, I’ve got Countdown #43, Welcome to Tranquility #8, and Following Cerebus #10, which of course I’ll barely skim to avoid any spoilers for Cerebus itself, which I’ve yet to finish. Read the rest of this entry »