So the curator for the centennial celebration of the elationists sidles up to me…

10 12 2007

And he says, “this guy just asked me how he knows the paintings are authentic.  And he seemed intelligent.  And he’s already buying two of them…  What do I tell him?”  I poured him four fingers of two-buck-chuck in a plastic cup.  Whatever he said worked; the guy bought another painting.  As for my own tough questions… Read the rest of this entry »


Protected: Things I wanted but didn’t commit to publish…

10 05 2007

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Jake Day, Five Years Ago…

6 02 2007

May 23rd turns out not to be a day to which I arbitrarily assigned importance in adherance with the Erisian/Dicordian/illuminatus mythos; it’s actually an officially recognized holy-day among actual, official, recognizable Erisians/Discordians.  Wikipedia knows about it and everything.  Coincidentally (or not, if you yourself adhere to the illuminatus mythos and don’t believe in such things), that holy day is known as Jake Day.  One celebrates Jake Day by pulling a small joke (jake) that “embarrasses and causes loss of personal modesty,” in keeping with the goals of Operation Mindfuck.  Before I knew any of that, I pulled a nice Jake on myself, when I checked out two books from the UCSD Clics library on May 23, 2002, which I would not return until November 12th, 2006.  Yes, indeed, that’s 11+12=23, or 1+1+1+2=5, or 1+1+1+2+2+0+0+6=13.  Thirteen is not really that important of a number in the Erisian/Discordian mythos, but the illuminati mythos covers just about everything.  I had those two books for a total of 1634 days.  You can add the digits of that number yourself.  That’s two books for 233 weeks.  Two twos, and two threes.  Anyone remember the Jacob Two-Two books?  I digress.  The point is, I am looking forward to Jim Carrey’s movie, coming out in 17 days.