Counting to sum

3 03 2011

1. Begin
2. Don’t finish
3. Start over
4. Get distracted
5. Forget to remember
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A Matching Catastrophe

8 04 2008

1. We’re going to spend 45 minutes or so now to discuss all the things I need you to do to cover up for my incompetence.
2. In addition to providing you some insight into the job I should be doing that you will now have to…
3. I will also be explaining the things you will have to play catch-up with because I wasn’t doing my job to help you keep up to date this year.
4. Guess what? There are lots of things that will be harder this time because I wasn’t smart enough to advocate for the easy way.
5. The one thing I did get done is to stick my nose in your business so I can point out ways that you have let me down.
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There’s a hypothetical landmine in this resume…

27 01 2008

Never mind the veiled critiques behind the generalizations about the set up of the workplace, the order of the questions, the strategy about absentee employees, and the claim about humility. And pay no attention to the pair of jacks in common between the reference list and the interview committee. The real beef, like the beef he ate at the $60 all-you-can-consume grill, is the lackadaisical candor explaining the absence of the hard sale.

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Acting before asking

18 09 2007

When they find you a new office without including you in the discussion that results in giving away your current one, there may be a silver lining in the implication that they plan on keeping you around.  Or, they may be soaring to new heights of passive-aggressive behavior, figuring that this is an extremely non-confrontational way of getting you to clear out your desk. Read the rest of this entry »

Just because you’re integral doesn’t mean you’re irreplaceable.

22 06 2007

The internal candidate is doing a solid job keeping everybody happy, keeping the work flowing, maintaining morale…

But there may be some crises coming yet. It’s remarkable how different her approach to solo-ing is to mine. Of course it’s very different circumstances, but she’s running a very loose group with a lot of decentralized (effectively delegated!) tasks going on. There’s some folks that are at least off-ranch if not AWOL, due to our very own Fred Astaire doing his Alfred E Neuman impression. Really, is it so much to ask that all of his people get the same memos that ours are getting? Or that he not countermand the things we agree to, especially in the areas of projects he takes charge of? Well, actually, yes, it is.

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The present virtue of absentia

20 06 2007

Sometimes, if you’re really sure that you’re going to have a hard time stomaching the disconnect between the collective memory and your individual perception, it’s better to just not show up.  Sometimes it’s worth being able to believe the hype and not question the rhetoric and just avoid the cognitive dissonance. Read the rest of this entry »

I can make my stomach churn on cue.

24 05 2007

I guess the tightness of chest and clammy sweat are de rigeur, given the nature of my complaint.  I’m at least as put off by myself as I suppose everyone else must be by me, though I can’t say as whether the feelings are mutual or reciprocal, given the problem of minds. Read the rest of this entry »