Operationalized Inertia

25 05 2012

1. Process keeps on sending prompts to schedule a second plenary.

2. Headway volunteered to disseminate the minutes; one week and one day later the deed remains undone.

3. Restraint offered to probe the enigma of jointed duality.

4. Gravity missed the gathering, not being enrolled in the common course.  She hoped to reconnect before her departure to the city of the previous convention.

5. Process juggled expectations from Utopia, the Scrivener, and Vagary, each with differing standards for punctuality and consequence.

6. Benediction mapped out her own sequence of meetings and motions, while Utopia, the Scrivener, politely jockeyed for position and primacy.

7. Oodle wanted little to do with any enterprise that privileged works over feasts, and said as much to Process.

8. Taboo retreated to her couch to meditate on her priorities: the tome of the woman; the plan for the children; the toil of the garden.

9. Process and Quarrel continued the waltz towards their nuptials.

10. Quarrel savored the calm of her mediated detente with Backhand.

11. While Headway, Process, and Taboo all waited the remarks on their treatise, Process drafted a summary for Chimera, and shared it with Taboo for further distribution.

12. Rarity demurred when the Scrivener assigned her to another review of Endeavor’s polemic, but the Scrivener held fast, noting the adaptation to Utopia’s template.

13. Watching the academic walk down the aisle arm in arm with both his antecedents, Process realized his desire for a final breakfast with his own nuclear unit of Zenith, Ballast, and Work.

14. Quarrel asked Process about heading to the hills with Figment, Concept, Bust-up, and Wriggle, but made her own decision to stay the course.

15. Feast invited Process and Quarrel to join her and Castle to laugh at the grail; Process attempted to inveigle Feast into attending the weekend conference.

16. Vagary put her foot down, while Utopia filed unilateral paperwork.

17. Process waited nervously to see the result of both decisions.

18. Process met new people and made new obligations, while moving slowly on the contacts, commitments, and utility invoices he’d already acquired.

19. Quarrel spoke candidly with her matriarch about prayers and poems.

20. Process bought tickets to take Work to see a play.

21. Chimera asked Process for input on her inspiration for an aquatic salon.

22. The Scrivener told Process the course would count for more than nothing.

23. Laid low by subterranean rumblings, Process missed his court date with Ballast, and spent the time drafting this inventory instead.



The Malingerer’s Plea Bargain

27 04 2010

Drop me in the water
Throw me in the hole
Lock me in the larder
But let me pay the toll


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Enveloped history constant embers

23 02 2008

Skylight weaning gray light beaming answers over cold yellow fingers howling scribbles Read the rest of this entry »

eight rows gone

9 05 2007

so plenty of time, in summer they run wild with their line

he grows back, casts the first stone

come someone and go somewhere they find

I count crimes, absinthe and lime, a pound and a penny and climb.

You can’t grow back what has no fall and fast they run when have no tell your burying ways in gradual clime as chattering things come wild in behind and pouring the way over water and fall in the idolators day and the christians’ call how many were found and lost in that fall.

And late last night or early this morning, Daimian had a chainsaw for one hand, waving it about and cutting things off including himself in a very upsetting but not life-threatening way.  A restaurant, health food, a painting, ah?  Or none of those fragments except the persisting thought that I ought to tell Daimian about that chainsaw.

If you’re gonna have an evil cat, don’t name it “Forgiveness.”

22 03 2007

The smoothies were good.  Yeah, how was your day?  Yeah, mine was fine.  Driving home.  All of the cross streets turned to schools, and they stood on stage, purple trophies were what they gave.  You held my hand.  You asked me why I wanted to stay.  “But there’s no way to believe all the things I don’t say to you.”–Jim Infantino

somewhere came somehow

29 09 2006

in parts of pieces laid so low and fine as might there partway go

these triplicate processes daily refine while maybe anybody else could know

the trifling wobble of excess want that never rises to see the need

and nightly promises access or not depending upon the seed.

I ought to redesign it all, I ought to draw more, I ought to write about everything I’m buying especially the readables, I ought to be sweating, I ought to be clutching the sheets, and I’d like a clean kitchen, there to cook couscous and beets.

though can’t through

22 09 2006

sort by now and with though from have cut through then and half by white

old can win as walk past twice how they came forth as night began light

eight in doubt and twine for rope caught down under firing pain

those on shelf in write and ray made hope before that gain

as both instead of rock for now

the time we have to leave or play.

Back at Bar 717 for a visit, K was typically cold while walking around with an inspector, and I waved at the usual folks and said hello to some kids and explained to the old friend whose girlfriend I’d just slept with that (even though he didn’t want to hear anything like this from me) I wasn’t trying to compete with him, and that he was at a crux now and had to decide whether he wanted to go the distance with her.  He left and the other fellow there told me it was a crock, what was I talking about, and was just about to explain how anger clouds or skews my perspective when the alarm went off for the second time, or perhaps the third.