V for Vendetta Study Questions & Thought Experiments

13 12 2011

Updated slightly in the era of Occupy

V for Vendetta Thought Experiments in handout/flier format

1. A sustainable society only has to be built once. What unsustainable methods would you support in such an endeavor?

2. How much of a fascist will you become in service to the revolution?

3. Name the 3 worst things our current administration has done. Imagine that somehow these were part of a long term, insanely subversive plot to do good… How good would the good have to be to justify the wrong?

4. What things distinguish the criminal from the civilian from the citizen?

5. Do Hollywood movies ever serve anything like a true revolution? Read the rest of this entry »


Recommended Reading List

13 09 2011

Seeking a light satirical novel about liberal arts academia, particularly one set at a women’s college; something like Neal Stephenson’s “The Big U,” but not quite so dense with words…

1. Commencement

2. Changing Places

3. Thinks

4. Prep

5. Stoner Read the rest of this entry »

Opening Doors at Mills College

23 08 2011

1. I want to dive into some man’s thoughtful blog about his experiences as a man, navigating the world of a women’s college, but I haven’t found one yet.

2. It happened again today: I got to a door first, reached to open it out, the woman arriving on the other side took it the rest of the way, & I stalled between the choice of switching feet & holding it for her while she passed through the narrow space left for me, or moving to one side & letting her pass through entirely, or passing through myself & saying thank you.

3. I chose the latter, & felt awkward, which is inevitable & strange.

4. As Sr!n! wrote on a bumper sticker sometime, “America is a slow motion race riot.”

5. An odd moment in the grad lounge, 3 men sitting around the table & me at a computer.  Did the atmosphere change in that moment or did I just feel different? Read the rest of this entry »

Treetop Gleanings

6 07 2011

1. Waking up at 6am isn’t actually that hard when there’s a two hour nap on a bus to look forward to.

2. Being alert & focused enough to make it out the door by 7:15am, without actually waking up so much that I can’t nap later, is a bit more difficult.

3. Not everyone can sleep soundly on a bouncing bus winding through deep curved hills with a couple dozen burners scarfing donuts & making chit chat all about; I am not everyone.

4. I didn’t get any coffee before Rachel finished the mug so I am going to die.

5. We are all really excited to be here for this collaborative, mutually supportive team building activity.  & we are all determined to be the one who “wins.” Read the rest of this entry »

My Game Requires Upgrades

3 07 2011

1. Tape the handle

2. Use the gyroscope grip strengthener

3. Sweatbands

4. Anti-fog on the lenses

5. Play & practice lots more

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A quest between twilight and the horizon

30 04 2011

photos to come later

I Came in with ladies & went out with cowboys
Intended to straddle but lost track of the seats
Tried bluffing to bullets which ought to have killed me
Caught four runners straight to the very last street Read the rest of this entry »

A Picnic for Patriots

7 03 2011

Honey bees gonna die
Waters gonna rise
Roads gonna crack in the sun
Policemen all gonna cry
Reporters gonna burn their obits
Every warden gonna shit, and quit
And join the accountants as they eat their guns
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